Get The Most out Of Facebook’s CTA Button for Your Hotel

The newly introduced Facebook ‘Call-to-Action’ button will provide users with a flawless mode of visiting a business website. This button lies at the bottom right of the page’s cover photo and, owing to its prominent location, is guaranteed to catch every user’s attention who is using Facebook to visit your page. The button will enable guests to navigate to your website almost intuitively and will allow them to book a room.

Hotels now have an opportunity to get more conversions as with this CTA, you can integrate the ‘Book Now’ feature which will greatly help the hotel industry and users looking for ways to make reservations through Facebook. As soon as the button is available to you, you can set it up with convenience. Go to the bottom right of your cover photo on the profile page to discover the ‘Create Call-to-Action’ button.

Create Call to Action with Facebook

Create Call to Action button on Facebook

Setup call to action with hotelrsv reservation software

Make sure you add the “?f_name=hrsv_launcher” parameter to launch the app upon entering the Website and optionally the “?f_name=hrsv_launcher&lead_source=fb_cta” to track the lead.

By clicking ‘Create Call-to-Action,’ you will come across a pop-up. Initially, select a button. As hotels emphasize on getting more direct bookings, choose the ‘Book Now’ button and insert the website followed by your mobile website. If you use hotelRSV, make sure you add the “?f_name=hrsv_launcher” parameter to launch the app upon entering the Website and optionally the “?f_name=hrsv_launcher&lead_source=fb_cta” to track the lead. In case you don’t have a responsive website (hotelRSV provides mobile Website design for hotels), choose next.

Next, you will get a screen from which you can select the kind of users who will be directed to an app or your website. In case you prefer users to come to your website instead of your Facebook Reservation App, then click Next. If you want your users to be transported to a mobile app, then choose ‘App’ from the drop-down menu. With a couple of more easy to follow instructions and options, you can successfully create a Book Now button for triggering your sales and getting more reservations through your Facebook audience. When it is created, a ‘Book Now’ button begins to appear where the ‘Create a Call-to-Action’ button was in place.

Book Now call to action on facebook with hotelRSV

Example of book bow button on facebook

This generated button will propose immense benefits for hoteliers as it is guaranteed to provide useful statistics with profound data, revealing how many Facebook users may be interested in making reservations through the social media giant. Hoteliers will have the authority to conveniently view the clicks made on ‘Book Now’ button in the past 7 days. As the button enjoys a nice spot on your profile page, which can be seen easily as compared to an app, it will assist in encouraging users to make direct bookings with a hotel.

The button has not been created for all pages yet so you may not be able to make use of the option to create a Call-to-Action button. Keep checking your Facebook frequently and you will be provided the option to generate one within the coming weeks. The call-to-action buttons can transport users to destinations that exist not only on Facebook but also to any other social network, although the company will have to closely monitor that Page admins do not abuse them in any way.

Facebook has offered other similar features such as this in the past. Developers can utilize the call-to-action buttons when developing apps and marketers will use them for buying ads that encompass call-to-action buttons. These two types have already been showing considerable results and it’s not surprising a hotel would want to include these buttons into its Facebook profile page. Apart from the ‘Book Now’ option, here are some of the ways which will benefit hotels to connect to their audiences more like contact us, use app and sign up.

Reserve Now on Facebook

Avoid placing the Reserve Now on the More tab.

For making the best use of the new Call-to-Action button for your hotel profile page, you will also need an awesome Facebook cover photo for making it work. Here are a few essential tips for making attractive Facebook cover images.

  • Change your cover frequently, almost once every month, to keep your page fresh
  • Share your latest marketing campaign for your hotel.
  • To please your fans, you can create collages of user generated content highlighting your most active Facebook fans.
  • Add a description with some promotional text & a relevant link when you upload your cover photo.
  • Don’t be overly promotional in your attempts to attract users.
  • Keep track of inbound-outbound analytics and how they translate into reservations. Your hotel booking software should provide analytics of behavior in your site and in your reservation apps.

For any hotel that is looking to promote their fan following and converting more Facebook users, this offers an exceptional way for your business to establish brand loyalty and awareness. This is just what the hotel industry needs to keep their social followers engaged and promote them to take action with your brand?

With Facebook’s innovative call-to-action (CTA) option, it’s more convenient than ever for your followers to book a room or make hotel reservations in less clicks using a powerful reservation software.

Surely, adding a fresh call-to-action button to your hotel page is an impressive way to emphasize your objectives, whether it involves getting your followers to make a purchase or sign up to your email list. Adding CTA buttons enables you to not only connect to your audience, but also channelize effective ways to foster brand loyalty and attract new customers.

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