Activate TripConnect at no extra cost – Tripadvisor Plus is not Required for TripConnect

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TripAdvisor announced that, starting on January 2015, hotels will not longer have to pay for Plus Profile annual fee to access TripConnect, thus allowing hoteliers to manage their TripConnect Campaings for direct reservations through their booking engine software. This allows travelers to access availability, view pricing and reserve directly from via the hotel’s reservation engine. If the Hotel Reservation Engine software is connected to TripConnect, hotel owners can have the same visibility of major OTAs at a fraction of the cost.

For a long time Tripadvisor has stood out for its great market penetration, likewise, we have seen the evolution that this site has had during its trajectory. TripAdvisor is a site that has an audience composed by fans of commenting and reserving trips online. Something that TripAdvisor has done well is that they knew how to focus on all those travelers who book online, leaving aside those who use travel agencies or any other channel.

Then, what does TripAdvisor do?

Currently, if a user wants to plan a trip he goes to TripAdvisor, because is the web site in which all the options, the photos or tracks about rooms, hotels and destinations are located. If you want to share an opinion, you will also go to TripAdvisor to write it, because it is the place with all the people who will read it.”

-Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor CEO

The hotel industry has been the main participant of this site although in an indirect way because there are still hotels that do not know how to take advantage of it and others simply ignore it. No matter what the case may be, the fact is that TripAdvisor can be a great ally to run an efficient CPC campaigns taking control of campaign expenses and seeing instant results.

This topic has been discussed many times and was finally addressed on 2014 by TripAdvisor. As of this year, Plus Profile has no annual fee saving big bucks for hotels and allowing them to concentrate on their TripConnect sales direct sales via brandsite booking engine technology. Having the proper hotel reservation system, competing with major room distributors is possible since is the largest traveler portal in the world with more than 260 million visitors each month.

Julio Bruno said last year with so much certainty, and today his “6 reasons to get more direct sales with TripConnect” are still in force.

6 reasons to get more direct sales with TripConnect

  1. Access to the largest and most qualified public of traveling. Using TripConnect to share prices and availability with an audience of such potential helps to attain a greater number of direct reservations at the time that the user goes from the search process to purchase. Using software for revenue manager helps to maintain tariffs that aim to desired guests.
  2. Increases the number of direct bookings. A study conducted by World Independent Hotels Promotion (WIHP) on 15,000 users revealed that TripAdvisor had now become the most important factor to generate direct bookings. TripConnect reinforces the conversion of hotels offering rates and availability in a first search and redirect this traffic to the hotel’s website using their own software of reservations (IBE).
  3. Optimizes your income. By redirecting travelers to the hotel’s website more opportunities to start upselling strategies are generated. Both hotels and booking engines providers can generate more revenue on each sale by offering packages that provide an added value to the user. In addition, direct sales reduced the impact of commissions paid to third parties.
  4. Reduce costs. The model of cost per click of TripConnect ensures the hotelkeepers to only pay when a user “click” on their link. The display of rates and availability is free. And if a user is looking for a night in a hotel, but there is no availability in a particular establishment, TripConnect will provide this information, which eliminates unnecessary clicks that can generate an expense. In particular, it is necessary to verify that the booking engine provides high availability at a low cost or without commissions.
  5. Gets more reviews. The hotels connected to TripConnect Plus or integrated through a provider of a booking engine with Premium certification have access to the tool Review Express that automatically sends to the users an email requesting a review after 48 hours of their stay. This means for the hotel an increase in the number of comments without any effort, which is of vital importance since the TripAdvisor ranking is based on the quantity, quality, and age of the comments. In addition of achieving reviews from platforms like TripAdvisor or GoGoBot, the hotelier must implement an internal online system of management of opinions that allows to design the guests’ own questionnaires. A software cloud for guests’ opinions integrated with the booking engine or with the PMS will provide more detailed information that will allow the hotel to improve its service.
  6. It obtains a competitive advantage. Every time there will be more providers of booking engines joining TripConnect, adding an important number of independent hotels and bed and breakfasts. For this reason, it is vital to enter to this market as soon as possible in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Again, the hotel software plays a very important role, since it is necessary to have an integrated system suited to the size of the hotel, either as a reservation system, the management of Hotel CRM for the control of guest’ with PMS.

If your hotel is not part of this community of travelers called TripAdvisor do not let time pass by because every day represents lost reservations. Make sure that your booking software is integrated with Tripconnect so you could place rooms in from your hotel’s Booking Engine and receive direct reservations to your hotel’s site.

TripConnect Now Available On Its Own

Effective immediately, all TripConnect products are available à la carte: Business Listings will no longer be a requirement for eligibility or participation.
Hotels can now make the independent decision to allocate marketing spend to one or both of these services. However, we believe hotels will see the value of using them together — leveraging the marketing and business-building tools of Business Listings to generate booking-ready leads that can be easily converted with TripConnect.

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