8 tips to make your Hotel’s brand stand out

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Captivate guests on the internet is not about offering the lowest rate. It is unhealthy and dangerous to be part of the lowest rates race – any hotel can do it but all suffer the consequences of reduced margins and at the end of the day, this technique is not going to make your hotel  in a competitive manner among so many options. What is essential is to provide a unique experience as well as an incomparable service to your guests even before they arrive.

Hotels that want to succeed should leave behind the strategy of mass distribution, where the most important thing is the price. Alternatively, migrate towards a “personalization” of the service, where the value and margin of contribution are the determining factors of customer satisfaction.

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It is well known by hoteliers that depending on OTAs as primary or even secondary source of sales translates into lower margins in addition to diluting your brand keeping your customers away from the hotel’s web site. Revenue per available room or RevPAR is a vital index for hoteliers since it’s a KPI that indicates how healthy the hotel’s income is with their current sales strategy. Hoteliers must keep in mind RevPAR does not necessarily go up when the number of reservations are maximized, particularly when greater sales volumes are achieved by lowering rates.

A differentiation strategy based on your brand, your services and your locations will attract customers. The next step is to capture them, so the proper mix between Occupancy Rates, ADR and income (RevPAR) will yield the optimal rate strategy. Since ADR and RevPAR are two indexes that are heavily affected when rooms are distributed by third parties, the hotelier has to concentrate guest conversion through their hotel brand site channels which is only possible when the hotel provides their guests the apps for it.

Based on Guest Centric’s ideas, will help your hotel to stand out, and achieve differentiation on the internet.

1. Invest in specialized channels

Diversify your digital marketing strategy to make it multi-channel, so that your hotel is present in the most relevant distribution channels on your market. An integrated software helps managing channels, integration is not to be overseen since managing several apps and sources of data can get inefficient and thus costly.

2. Showcase your hotel online.

You need to display your hotel on its web page. This is not posting some pictures and write some out-of-the-box text. The visual content must communicate the value that youur hotels offer. Every detail will help to captivate possible guests. Every hotel shows photos, but in order to stand out, your photos should transmit a story and involve your guests and customers. Pay attention to your site’s speed. Customers are impatient and mobile users are even less tolerant, your hotel’s page should load in 2 seconds. Use CDNs and site minifiers. Your Web Designer or Agency and must help you. You can also place a ticket on help.hotelrsv.com.

3. Customize the experience.

Emphasize the unique selling propositions that you offer. Even if you do not have the best facilities, you can set your hotels apart by the way you treat your guests, satisfying them with an excellent service. You can establish agreements with training companies, restaurants, agencies of excursions and shows and provide an unforgettable experience.

Promote these experiences on your website and opinion portals.

4. Stand out with deals packages while capturing your clients on your own channels.

You can offer special deals or promotions that are only valid when booking through your web page. Use your reservation software promotion code generator.

Choose one or two of your preferred offline agencies or corporate partners and offer them them special codes and packages that they will not find elsewhere.

These two actions will increase sales through your channels and increase the possibility of returning customers (be sure to deliver the best customer service during and after their stay). If your reservation software has extranet for partners, you will save time and effort by providing access to your partners.

5. Reward the loyalty of your customers

Reward your frequent clients that book directly on your web page. Make them redeem online their rewards for more reservations. Enable the loyalty program module on your hotel reservation software

6. Communicate directly with your clients.

Conduct surveys to find out exactly what your guests think about you or want from you.

When you send newsletters or offers via email, personalize the message and content so that every user is unique.

Remember it’s better to use email to just say thank you than to push invasive promotions.

7. Have active and significant presence on social networks.

To keep up to date with the booking trends of the “on-the-go” millenials, is indispensable to be present in several channels. Facebook has turned into an extremely powerful weapon to get connected with millions of users a year. Of course, most hotels won’t need to contact millions but social media anlytics will allow to reach those significant thousands the hotel wants to target.

Integrate your reservation apps with Facebook and offer exclusive offers through this channel.

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8. Call-to-Action

Think of a computer or mobile screen. The average user will make his purchasing decision  once he finds the information he is looking for. Within seconds he must be provided with the necessary call to action, or the Reserve Now button.

Think of a computer or mobile screen, a Reservation Button must be clearly visible all the time or at most, within scrolling distance of no more than 1/3rd of the screen. Talk to your web design agency implement a good mix of popups, chat buttons, coupons and reservation buttons to be there when your customer wants to buy from you.

Remember, call to actions should keep users in your website of social media page! If a user has made up his mind to purchase and you drive him off to a their party site or an online agency, they will quickly loose interest in you and thus, buying from you.

Last but not least

Keep in mind that guests have the tendency to associate the hotels’ brand with the distribution channel in which they made the reservation on. 58% of guests think that hotel brands do “influence” them during the process of selection of a hotel. Build a positive and strong relation with modern communication and customer care tools with your guests to guarantee re-capturing.

If you can position yourself as a strong player, your target customers will be able differentiate you from your competition. If you are perceived as better than others, if you offer a benefit that becomes a motivating factor, and if this benefit is truly unique, then your hotel will be differentiated from the rest, and it will be reflected in a higher ROI, higher ADR and RevPAR.

hotelRSV provides the marketing and sales software you need to differentiate yourself through each of the tips included in this blog. Questions? We are happy to help, tell us about your challenges as hotelier or tweet @hotelrsv on Twitter.

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