hotelRSV 3: What’s New on the commission-less reservation Software for Hotels

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Dear Novohit and hotelRSV Clients.

For the past few months we’ve been thoroughly working in improving one of the most important tools for hotels: Brand-site reservation and marketing platform. As you might have read in recent days in our blog: Hoteliers will now have the same visibility and technology as mayor distributors and OTAs without paying commissions and thus, at a fraction of the cost.

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HotelRSV is committed to use ever-evolving technology to lower costs and helping you reach more customers. We will pass these savings to the hotel, so that you can concentrate in delivering the best experience to your guests.

The Latest Tech.

The new hotelRSV is based on the latest language for Web and Cloud Apps: Angular by Google. This technology places hotelRSV in the lead in hotel reservation tech.

hotelRSV Analytics.

hotelrsv analytics dashboard

Last year we’ve launched an alpha version of and the results were incredible, we got amazing insight consumer behavior and now we are taking this further by integrating powerful functionality that will allow hoteliers to track and understand behavior of clients in the hotel’s online platforms.


We’ve launched our Promo Code Generator (Coupon Generator). You can now create, track and offer  targeted discounted rates to your customers on any channel you prefer: printer media, digital media, social media, news letter. You name it. Since it’s integrated to Call-to-Reservation and One-Click-Launcher, users can reserve faster with less clicks and your marketing/sales team can build targeted campaigns faster.

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Marketing Call to Action.

New Call-to-Reservation (previously known as One-Click-Launcher),  your sales team can create links and buttons with pre-loaded parameters so that your clients have less clicks and taps to get to their reservation.

Multi Language.

We’ve expanded our language pack and will continue to do so. We invite you to translate your content too so that your hotel reaches the global market of travelers.

In-app Advertisement.

Hotels can now promote products and services with our new in-app advertisement module. Thanks to our Call-to-Reservation API integration, your sales team can design succesfull campaigns that take your customers from search to reservation in less clicks.


Last year we launched our Facebook app so hotels could receive reservations from their Facebook Fan Page. Now hotelRSV let’s users share their stories when they complete a reservation on any of the hotel’s channels. Your customers now become your ambassadors and sponsors by sharing to their friends their experience. Our  technology places a smart RESERVE NOW link on each share, allowing your customer’s friends and followers to easily get to the hotel’s website.

Multi-channel: hotelRSV takes you to the buyers market.

Hotel owners can have the same visibility of major OTAs at a fraction of the cost since we connect the hotel’s available inventory and rates from your IBE to, Google and Bing, the three major portals that travelers use to organize and book their travel services. This means that your own channels have access to major channels, something unthinkable until now since only big OTAs and GDS could offer this.

So the anser is yes! We help you sell more rooms at a very low distribution cost. In fact, we don’t charge commissions.

Thanks with our global and tech parnternships developed in the past months, you can accept reservations directly from and two of the most important outlets in the globe. Activate these features and get the most out of your reservation platform. New partnerships with major Search Engines coming soon.

And More!

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Quick Checklist

Go through this checklist with your sales team and Webmaster, it is worth to take some minutes to ensure you are getting the most out of yout Booking Engine.

Website Verifications

  1. Make sure all your webpages contain the hotelrsv.js script. This way your guests can make reservations anywhere. Check our installation guide and if you have any questions, place a ticket on hotelRSV has patent pending technology for design. Our reservation apps are shown in the context of your website to keep customers on your site!
  2. Don’t use manually inserted iFrames.
  3. Do not open hotelRSV on a new tab.
  4. Follow the installation instructions and comply with our installation guidelines. Your account may be suspended if your website installation is not compliant with our guidelines.
  5. Verify your Reserve Now buttons and call-to-reservation. Check our Button API.
  6. Add a Call-to-Reservation on your Main Menu, make it easy for your customers to reserve from you!
  7. If you use wordpress, download the plugin.
  8. Make the most out of our API.


Extranet (Dashboard) Verifications

  1. Make sure your website’s URL is properly setup on Configurations > Front Office > General > Hotel – Update Information
  2. Since the new update, room pictures should not be 750×150, instead, they should have normal ratio (e.g. 4:3).
  3. Make sure your Room Name and descriptions are properly translated.
  4. We’ve launched the Rates by Number of guests. Make sure you read the manual to see how this works.
  5. Make sure your exchange rates are correct. You can go to Sales > Exchange Rates.
  6. If you accept credit card payments, make sure pre-payments are synced with Novohit, if you are unsure, contact our team at
  7. Activate TripConnect, you can reach thousands of relevant customers and enjoy the same visibility as OTAs at a fraction of the cost. Still unsure what tripconnect is? Read this article.
  8. Activate Splendidus Promo Code Generator and attract customers to your website by providing exclusive offers.
  9. Give Extranet Access to your corporate partners, they will be able to see only the conveyed rates and reserve online with live confirmation.
  10. Set hotelRSV on auto-pilot, with RevMax and SmartAvail, hotelRSV adjusts the prices of rooms automatically according to the current inventory.


Basic and advanced configuration, installation and setup: Read this Manual.

Activate TripConnect at no extra cost: read this article and this checklist

Novohit Presents: HITEC Hackathon 2015, Austin Texas

hotelRSV by Novohit: Initial Sponsors and Chief Consultants of the first HITEC Hackathon at Austin, Texas, produced by HFTP. Read more about the first Hackathon at the largest hospitality Tradeshow: HITEC official website and (read the press release here).

hotelRSV by Novohit First Sponsors of 2015 HITEC Hackathon Austin

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