How to setup TripConnect CPC Campaigns

Many hoteliers have ignored this powerful tool provided by the largest traveler portal in the planet: We’ve written a few articles on how to make the most out of TripConnect’s CPC campaigns or how to Activate TripConnect at no extra cost but that was under the assumption that many hoteliers knew that they could activate this feature on their own if they had the proper booking engine like hotelRSV.

We like Tripconnect CPC, a lot. Because it is one of the few effective options of converting travelers to your website. And if your booking engine is effective and efficient, it can yield great results (at least 60% ROI with a properly managed campaign). Tripconnect strenghtens the hotel brand significantly by allowing travelers to get familiar with the look and feel with the hotel. Needless to say, the hotel’s website should be properly designed and mobile device friendly.

This article covers the setup of Tripconnect’s CPC feature. Instant Booking, feature for which Tripadvisor charges at least 12% per reservation and does not takes travelers to your website, is not covered in this article.

Get Started

To setup TripConnect, you must have an active Listing as an Hotel.

Check TripConnect Eligibility by logging in to or to setup or start managing your campaign.

Check Eligibility Tripconnect

If you do not have a listing, you can claim your property on

Once you’ve setup your listing, please log in to and reply to this ticket with your property ID provided by Tripadvisor or your Tripadvisor’s property link (URL).


Tripconnect only works with Hotel Property types. If your property qualifies as an hotel, you may use hotelRSV for TripConnect.


Setup your Connectivity Partner

Select hotelRSV as your Connectivity Partner

Log into your management center and select Tripconnect Cost Per Click Campaigns. You’ll be prompted to select your connectivity partner. Selecto hotelRSV. If hotelRSV does not appear, please contact our team at

3 - to Check Eligibility with hotelrsvFollow the verification process. Be patient.

4 - tripconnect confirm rates IBESelect the languages you want to support. As of the date of publishing of this post, hotelRSV supports these languages.

5 - languages tripconnect htoelrsvOnce verified, just click next.

6 - after verifying languages tripconnect click NEXT Get Started

Set up your campaign budget

Do you want to set a limit on your daily cost-per-click campaign spend?

A TripConnect campaign refers to a defined period of active participation in TripConnect, which ends when you either spend your entire selected budget or reach your selected end date. 7 - select budget

Enter either your campaign budget or campaign end date (pick one):

You can always update your TripConnect settings later to change your campaign budget or timeframe.

Beyond setting a total budget limit for your TripConnect cost-per-click campaign, you can also set a limit on your daily spend. For example, if you have a total campaign budget of $500 and set a daily spend of $50, you may reach the end of your campaign in as little as 10 days. If you’re using a campaign end date instead of a campaign budget, a $50 daily spend limit means you could spend up to $50 per day until you reach that end date.

PLEASE NOTE: Your TripConnect cost-per-click link may continue to display for a short period even after your daily spend limit has been reached. As a result, your daily spend may peak at 20% above your limit — helping you to drive more traffic to your website.

Next, select whether you want your TripConnect cost-per-click link to appear on either desktop computers, mobile phones, or both devices.

Remember! select both mobile and desktop bids since hotelRSV is compatible with mobile and desktop!

mobile versus desktop bidsYou can choose to have your direct rates and availability link appear to TripAdvisor travelers using desktop computers, to TripAdvisor travelers using smartphones, or travelers using either device. Remember: you pay only when travelers click through to your reservations page!

Then set your TripConnect cost-per-click bids
We’ve optimized your bids to put you in 1st position in all markets, giving you the most opportunities to send visitors to your website. Your average expected Cost-Per-Click is listed below.*


*Please note that bid positions are subject to change based on current market conditions. If a 3rd party submits a higher bid, their ad may be placed above yours. TripAdvisor cannot guarantee ad placement order.

Step 3: Set Up Your Campaign – Advanced Settings

Your Campaign Forecast: Next 30 Days

This forecast represents your predicted number of clicks and your anticipated spend within the next 30 days, based on the platform option you select, your active markets, and your current cost-per-click settings. If you modify your cost-per-click bids or change which devices your cost-per-click campaign will appear on (e.g. from Desktop and Mobile to Desktop alone), this forecast will change.

tripconnect tips select only geographical targetsAvoid wasting money: select only your geographical targets. This is painful since Tripconnect automatically enables all regions, thus to disable them you have to deselect one by one. Manually. It takes us around 8 minutes when we do this for our hotel clients.

For better results of your Tripconnect CPC campaigns, check this article on how to Get the most out of TripAdvisor’s TripConnect for Hotel Business

Disable markets you don’t need.

Remember! select both mobile and desktop bids since hotelRSV is compatible with mobile and desktop!

mobile versus desktop bids

Campaign Metrics

tripconnect Campaig MetricsThese metrics represent key information about your campaign. They are based on your selected active markets and the cost-per-click bids you have placed.

Step 4: Enter/Update your billing information

tripconnect payment screen

Use your corporate/business credit card. You’ll be charged a few cents (less than 0.20) as a verification process and then they’ll return them to your credit card.

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