7 tips for Hoteliers to avoid OTA Sales Hungover

A large number of hoteliers prefer to take the easy route and delegate the responsibility of online reservations to intermediaries. Thus, they are reassured by believing that they will not need to invest in technologies and that someone else will take care of it. They prefer to pay commissions to OTAs thinking that this is…

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How Booking.com works. The shenanigans of a very profitable business.

I believe that just a few users really know how the booking commission’s system works, and how the majority of hotels are captive from their reservations. Even myself until yesterday, speaking with a new client (a Hotel) I was unaware of the fascinating world of Booking! I am not talking about the commissions that they…

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Apple Watch Passbook Passes since June!
Of reservations made via Mobile every month.
US$ in Reservations Processed so far year.
Savings compared to OTAs.