TripConnect Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on how to connect hotelRSV IBE with TripConnect.

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What is TripConnect?
TripAdvisor has a new platform that allows independent hotels to purchase traffic by bidding to appear alongside Online Travel Agents (OTAs) in our Hotel Price Comparison search. This platform, called TripConnect, launched in October 2013.
With TripConnect, you can post a live link with your direct rates and availability in Hotel Price Comparison search results, creating tremendous opportunities to drive TripAdvisor travelers directly to your property’s online bookings page.
Read on how to activate TripConnect at no extra charge.
What do you mean by traffic?
In general terms, traffic means the flow of users from a source website to a destination website. In terms of TripConnect, it means a flow of users between TripAdvisor and your property’s own website.
How can my property participate in TripConnect and get listed in the TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search?
All accommodations that fulfill the following criteria can participate in TripConnect and appear in the TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search:

  1. Read, acknowledge and accept the TripConnect terms and conditions (which you will find when you sign up for TripConnect in the Management Center)
  2. Work with an internet booking engine which has been certified as a TripConnect Partner (Hotel RSV is already certified)
  3. Have a current and valid subscription to Business Listings
  4. Complete the TripConnect sign-up process and launch a TripConnect campaign
  5. Create TripConnect bids that are equal to or greater than the minimum Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

I do not have a website for my hotel. How can I participate?
In order to participate in TripConnect, property owners must have an active website that allows internet users to book rooms online via an internet booking engine. Property owners who do not have a website should contact a Webmaster to have a site built.

How is the ranking (e.g. placement) determined in TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search results?
The ranking is based on Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bids. The higher your CPC bid, the higher the TripConnect link to your own website will rank in Hotel Price Comparison search results.
What does CPC mean?
CPC is an acronym for “Cost per Click.” In simple terms, this is a payment model wherein you will be charged each time a user clicks on your URL link in TripAdvisor and is redirected to your reservations page on your own website. This cost is determined via a bidding auction.
How frequently will my live link to my site be shown?
Every time a user visits your TripAdvisor property detail page – or searches for hotels in your city and your property is listed on the search results page – your live link will be seen if:

  1. You have an active Business Listings subscription
  2. You have an active TripConnect campaign
  3. Your TripConnect bid meets the minimum bid requirement for your property
Will I be charged for impressions of my live link in Hotel Price Comparison search results?
No. TripConnect is a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) platform, which means that you will be charged only for clicks, not impressions.
Is there a minimum monthly spend to participate in TripConnect?
No, there is no minimum spend to participate.
Is there a minimum CPC bid to participate in TripConnect?
Yes. The minimum bid for each property (and in each market) is calculated using a complex formula that factors in the following data points: your property’s current rating, accommodation type, property location, your TripAdvisor popularity ranking, seasonality for certain destinations, source markets, etc.
Can I cancel my contract with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) once I participate in TripConnect and my website link is featured in the Hotel Price Comparison search?
You can, but it is not recommended. OTAs acquire traffic from many sources (e.g. SEO, SEM, meta search, brand direct, mobile, etc.), and TripAdvisor is one of many channels OTAs use to generate interest in your property. If you were to cancel your contract with your OTA partners, make sure your IBE partner and marketing agency help you compensate traffic.
As the property owner, do I get a discount on my CPC on TripConnect?
No. CPCs are set by the marketplace, and we do not offer any discount to any partners.
As the property owner, do I get an inflated rank in Hotel Price Comparison Search results?
No. Search results ranking is never biased; it is solely based on CPC bidding.
Can I bid against a competitor's hotel name?
No. TripConnect only allows you to bid for placement for your own hotel.
Can I bid against a competitor's hotel name?
Can I acquire traffic for the town or city where my property is located?
No. TripConnect only allows you to acquire traffic through the Hotel Price Comparison Search on your own property page or in hotel search results pages for your city where your property appears.
What are your recommendations and tips for TripConnect?
Our expert Hoteliers have prepared an article on how to get the most of TripConnect with hotelRSV here.

Internet Booking Engine

What is an Internet Booking Engine?
hotelRSV is an internet booking engine, that is, a software that helps you support bookings made directly on your property’s website, Facebook page, Mobile App or
How does an internet booking engine work?
Software for your internet booking engine is installed on the reservations page of your property’s website, where it enables your customers to book with you directly online. When customers enter their travel preferences (travel dates, number of guests, etc.), the internet booking engine contacts either your Central Reservation System or Property Management System and receives rates and availability, which are then displayed to customers on your reservations page.
Why do I need to work with an internet booking engine to use TripConnect and appear in TripAdvisor's Hotel Price Comparison search?
The Hotel Price Comparison search pull rates and availability from all TripAdvisor partners for a given property, and displays this information directly on the TripAdvisor site. In order for an independent property to be displayed alongside our OTA partners in these search results, TripAdvisor needs to be able to pull the rates and availability for your property via a partner internet booking engine like hotelRSV who is certified to share that information with us.
We also require a current functional URL link to which TripAdvisor travelers will be connected when they click on your link in the search results display. As a Tripadvisor Certified partner, hotelRSV connects your hotel in real time. Just place a ticket on to get started.
Do I pay commissions? - NO!
No, hotelRSV is a commission-less Internet Booking Engine, therefore, you only pay for the license fee and, for Tripconnect, the CPC fee.
Does TripAdvisor provide an extranet where I can load my rates and availability?
TripAdvisor is not a transactional site. Thus, bookings cannot be completed on TripAdvisor.

How to use TripConnect

Why do I need a Business Listing to buy traffic?
Business Listings is a way to increase your property’s visibility on TripAdvisor and access a full portfolio of powerful promotional resources that can help you build your business. Check this article: Activate TripConnect with hotelRSV
I manage more than one property. Will I get a group login?
Yes, both hotelRSV and TripConnect offer Group Login. For’s group log in, log in to your Manager’s page or place a ticket on
If I've signed up for TripConnect, how can I make a test booking to make sure it's working correctly?
Follow these steps:

  1. Acting as a user, find your property profile on TripAdvisor.
  2. Then find a set of dates where your property has availability.
  3. Click on your TripConnect link in the Price Comparison Display.
  4. Once you are linked through to your own website, complete a booking. Do not clear your cookies, and do not close your browser to avoid inadvertently clearing your cookies.
  5. Once you have completed that booking, you can cancel it.
  6. You should then wait 24 hours and see if the total revenue from TripAdvisor increased by the amount of your booking.
  7. If your total revenue does not reflect this, please contact HOTEL RSV to discuss how they can remedy the situation.

Review Express and Client Reviews

Can I use Review Express with hotelRSV IBE?
Yes, hotelRSV is a Premium Partner of Tripadvisor, thus it offers Review Express functionality within the same extranet. You can also control Review Express status with Novohit PMS.
Can I use Review Express and Client Reviews?
Yes, our Client Review System sends an invitation to complete the review, after the review is complete, our algorithms determine where to send the guest after, if reviews are positive, we take them to to fill a review for your hotel. Both hotelRSV IBE and Novohit PMS have Client Review functionality.
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