Secure booking engine to increase traveler confidence boosts Reservations

HotelRSV provides Green Bar SSL security by Comodo, how hotels, travelers benefit from it. hotelRSV has entered into a new partnership, renewing it’s Extended Validation Security Seal with Comodo, which provides the maximum level of encryption security in the E-commerce industry and the maximum assurance for travelers online. This seal certifies that every single transaction is…

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How much should a Hotel Spend on Online Advertisement?

After years of trial and error, we’ve come up with the hotelRSV’s rule of thumb for Hotel Web advertisement for constant campaigns. This approximation is based on a simple model that helps hoteliers, or the management of any receptive property (Hotels, Hostels, Motels) to have a starting point on how much to spend on online…

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Hotel Web Analytics Tips

Nowadays Digital Analytics for web sites has become very popular, some hoteliers want to know how many visitors they have on their web site, which pages have a greater number of visits, which regions are capturing more readers, etc. For some hoteliers Digital Analytics is just a trend, for others it is a corporate requirement…

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How to create Facebook Ads for Hotels

This post was written for Hotels, Hostels, Motels, Apart Hotels, Bed and Breakfast or Vacation Rentals. For the past 18 months we’ve seen a greater Return on Investment when using Facebook Advertisement to advertise rooms, specially when compared to Google AdWords. The reason is very simple: people spend in average 18 minutes every day on…

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Google jumps into the OTA business – How to make the most of it

Skift recently published this article about Google jumps into the OTA business by partnering with an online distributor/globalizer. “For hotels, the commission program means they are likely to get more conversions from Google when travelers book directly in Google Search, Google+ or Google Maps because consumers aren’t getting lost in the handoff from Google to the…

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How to setup TripConnect CPC Campaigns

Many hoteliers have ignored this powerful tool provided by the largest traveler portal in the planet: We’ve written a few articles on how to make the most out of TripConnect’s CPC campaigns or how to Activate TripConnect at no extra cost but that was under the assumption that many hoteliers knew that they could…

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7 tips for Hoteliers to avoid OTA Sales Hungover

A large number of hoteliers prefer to take the easy route and delegate the responsibility of online reservations to intermediaries. Thus, they are reassured by believing that they will not need to invest in technologies and that someone else will take care of it. They prefer to pay commissions to OTAs thinking that this is…

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